Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes available for international students



 List of the specialties 

The name of the specialty (Degree)

Concentrations (Specializations)


  1. Administration in sphere of Public Relations
  2. Criminal Justice and Advocacy
  3. Civil Law. Labour Law
  4. The Constitutional Provision of Civil Society, State and Local Governments
Business, Trade and Exchange Activities
  1. International Economic Activity
  2. Entrepreneurship


  1. Internet Marketing
  2. International Marketing

FinanceBanking and Insurance

  1. Corporate Finance
  2. International  Finance


  1. Analytical Sociology

Social Work

  1. Counselling
  2. Social Rehabilitation


  1. Investment Management
  2. Social Management
  3. Management of Tourism Industry


  1. Hotel and Restaurant Servicing
  2. Excursions and Entertement
  3. Tourist business



  • PhD Programme in Economics;
  • PhD Programme in Law;
  • PhD Programme in Social Work.

Forms of study: full-time, part-time (distance)

Learning languages: Ukrainian, Russian 





Duration of study

Annual tuition fee

Preparatory courses

1 academic year


Bachelor programme

4 academic years

Full-time study: $1,200

Part-time study: $600

Master programme

1.5 academic years

Full-time study: $1,500

Part-time study: $800

PhD programme

4 academic years





Your application package should incude:

1. аpplication form;

2. copy of passport; 

3. document on obtained education and your transcript documenting your academic work (an official document issued by your university/college which lists courses, course hours and grades received, and an explanation of the grading system);

4. medical certificate (certificate on health) issued by an official health authority of the country of origin, issued no later than two months before leaving to study in Ukraine;

5. academic certificate issued by a foreign / Ukrainian educational institution (in case of transfer or renewal to study, starting from the second year); 

6. certificate of completion of preparatory courses (if it exists);

7. 4 photos 30x40 mm in size, color, matte;

8. passport (is presented personally);

9. research proposal, 5-7 pages (for PhD programme applicants).

Documents listed in points 2-5 should be translated into Ukrainian and certified according to the laws of the issuing country, translated into Ukrainian and legalized in the order established by the state bodies of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine.

Terms and requirements of application 


Dead-line for applications

Special requirements

Preparatory courses

November, 16


Bachelor programme

Full-time study: October, 16

Part-time study: November, 16

Secondary education

Master programme

Full-time study: October, 16

Part-time study: November, 16

Bachelor Degree

PhD programme

 Through academic year 

Master Degree





The admission is on a competitive basis. The selection process includes:

1)      evaluation of applicant documents;

2)      entrance examinations conducted in the form of interviews (Skype interview can be considered).

After the enrollment, the agreement should be signed between an applicant and the Academy. 




Full-time students study according to the regular schedule of educational process, involving the permanent presence of the student at the Academy except the vocations.

For the part-time (distance) study the on-line technologies and distance learning system MOODLE are used. For passing the final exams students should arrive to the Academy at least once a year in summer (for 30 days).

Course schedules are usually posted on the announcement boards next to the appropriate dean's offices and on the web-site of the Academy. 





All international students will receive the Invitation for studying (or invitation to the session for part–time students) in the prescribed form for a visa or a necessary proof to enter  Ukraine is sent to him /her.

Ukraine has a non-visa policy for up to 90 days stay with many countries, please find information here .

Accommodation and food

For the period of study Academy provides international students with the accommodation in a student dormitory (3 persons in the room). The cost of living is around $2-5 а day.

Academy has a canteen. Approximate cost of breakfast is $2-3, lunch – $2-5.

Medical care

All international students are requested to have a medical insurance. Medical care can be provided by local health care services according to the insurance plan.

Support to international students

The Academy has a sector of work with international students. It will provide you visa support, as well as help you with accommodation and receiving of medical services, adjustment to learning process and social life of the Academy.

Сontact person responsible for work with international students