A institution of higher education with 4th level of accreditation. It was founded in 1993.

Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism

The Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism (ALSRT) was founded as a higher educational institution in May 1993. It was founded in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On Education” and the resolution of Presidium of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine. Its aim is to perform training of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of market relations, labour and management organizing, law, social partnership, environment protection, which trade unions, state and non-state businesses, institutions, enterprises etc. need in.

The Academy has the 4th level of accreditation (the highest in Ukraine) and the right to give a state standard diploma of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The Academy carries out training of bachelors within 4 years and masters within 2 years. It has two forms of studying: full-time and distant.

Main specialities of the Academy: Finance, Marketing, Economics of Enterprise, Management, Sociology, Social Work, Law, Tourism.

There are 4 general and 9 special chairs which carry out teaching activities. Different original curricula and programmes have been worked out to provide the process of professional training. The curricula stipulate learning informatics and computer science for 8 semesters and foreign languages for 7 or 8 semesters. Famous scientists, specialists, politicians, culture and art workers, bankers and employers are invited to work in the Academy. All these give an opportunity to get education of both national and European standards.

The students are involved in scientific and research work, they take part in the work of international seminars, law students’ society, scientific student’s clubs and create expositions for the museum of Ukrainian Trade Unionshistory.

In the Academy there has been worked out a scientific and research work model to carry out training of candidates and doctors of sciences in the fields of Academy’s departments and chairs.

The Academy has become the main educational institution in the union training system. It realizes short terms retraining and improvement of professional skills of workers of the Trade Unions Federation System, company managers, managers of small enterprises, investment and trusting companies, banks, associations, state and charity funds etc.

To perform teaching and scientific process, to realize students and teachers’ creative development and leisure the Academy has modern facilities.