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Академія праці, соціальних відносин і туризму

12.12.2015 - 09:44
A joint educational project of Warsaw Janush Korczak Pedagogical University and the Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism - International programme of post-qualifying education "Master of Social Administration" - started for the second time in December.

Within the Project framework the highest international level of experts in the field of EU financing of social projects will be trained.

The students are getting a quality education in management that will be a guarantee for their personal competitiveness in international business. It will also improve their English communicative skills.  

The Programme consists of several modules, one of which will be held in Warsaw. The first Programme graduates that got their diplomas last year very positively assess not only the theoretical part of it, but also the practical value of information received in Poland. The students were given opportunities to meet representatives of Polish government and business, as well as the leading Polish social institutions that are actively cooperating with all EU structures.