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Академія праці, соціальних відносин і туризму


Key Action 2 – Strategic partnership for Youth




Social media marketing skills for fostering the inclusion and employability of young people with disabilities


Project number: «KA205-AEF89D3B»

Project duration: 2 years (01.09.2019-31.08.2021)

Participating Organisations:

- Fundacja im. Zofii Zamenhof (Poland) – project leader
- Rēzeknes Tehnoloģiju akadēmija (Latvia)
- Ecoistituto del Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)
- Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism (Ukraine)

Key persons:

  • Professor Buiashenko Viktoriia - Rector of  The Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism, legal representative.
  • Associate Professor Liudmyla Huliaieva  - Associate Professor at the Department of Finance and Marketing at The Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism.
               e-mail: finsectoreu@socosvita.kiev.ua


The project aim: to help young people with disabilities to communicate better, promote their own brand, build a career and realize themselves professionally using social networks.

The SMM4WIN project will produce the following results:

1. Report on Research “Young people with disabilities in social media”.

2. Smart learning environment and Youth DSI SMM Community platform.

3. SMM Training program: implementation, running, and reporting.

4. Recommendations for policy makers and handbook for SMM.

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