Вищий навчальний заклад IV рівня акредитації. Засновано в 1993 році.

Академія праці, соціальних відносин і туризму

Journal of ALSRT, 2020, №3-4

 Issue topics:

  • Law

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Yuriy Onischyk. Concepts of modern legal science


Sergey Buravlyov. International standards and foreign experience of organization judicial institutions of economic jurisdiction by the members of the European Union

Anastasia Korniіchenko. Definitive characteristics of the concept of «bullying» as a legal category of administrative law

Vitalii Oksin. Essence of administrative procedures for resolving issues of local importance in Ukraine

Alexey Dniprov. Conceptual fundamentals executive power activity in Ukraine

Ihor Binko. Public governance and public administration: the relationship of concepts

Zorya Zhuravlyova. Administrative and legal status judicial protection services

Mariia Sirotkina. Concept and classification of criminal-procedural compromise

Iryna Tkachenko. The concept, content and structure of legal relations in the field of social protection of citizens

Kseniia Tokarieva. Theoretical and legal analysis of ethical basis of mediator's activity

Oleksii Chepov. Regulatory and legal principles of limitation of powers of local self-government bodies regarding regulation of land legal relations in the capital of Ukraine city-hero Kyiv

Andriy Manzhula. Financial support of public service and human resources policy at the local level in the conditions of reforming public governance in socio-economic sphere

Armenui Telestakova, Kseniia Kudriavtseva, Altai Sakhib Ohly Bakhshaliiev. The market of legal services in Ukraine

Olena Omelyan. The concept and system of guarantees of participants rights administrative and legal relations in public and service activities in the field of urban planning

Andrey Frantsevich. Interaction of the state bureau of investigations with state authorities

Vladyslav Teremetskyi, Аrtem Sadovenko. Standardization and certification of cosmetic products as administrative and legal means of cosmetological services market regulation

Oleg Bernatskyi. Public control in the field of ensuring academic honesty: specific features and mechanisms of implementation

Yurii Tarasiuk. The principles of housing construction’s guaranteeing in Ukraine

Serhii Korobenko. Legal status of customs authorities: problems of legal regulation and enforcement