Вищий навчальний заклад IV рівня акредитації. Засновано в 1993 році.

Академія праці, соціальних відносин і туризму

08.02.2017 - 13:23

Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism

Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine

invites university professors, researchers, graduate students, doctoral students interested persons to participate in the conference


which will take place 5 - 6 April 2017

at the Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism (Kyiv, Kiltseva Road, 3-A)

The purpose of the conference is to identify the mechanisms of implementation, dilemmas and challenges of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development  as well as national objectives of sustainable development. The conference will offer a space for discussion of economic, social, legal, political, educational and other aspects of the implementation of sustainable development.

Conference sections:

Section 1. Decent work and economic growth

Section 2. Reducing inequality in a country and between countries

Section 3. Legal aspects of becoming a peaceful and open society

Section 4. Quality education and lifelong learning


Submission of applications (registration forms) and abstracts of 750-1000 words –  by February 20, 2017 to conf2017@socosvita.kiev.ua

Download The registration form and recommendations for an abstract